Sunday, 16 October 2011

"Trafic" Review

Trafic (1971)
Dir: Jacques Tati 

I really can't open this review with a quote from "Trafic" as the film is very light on dialogue, much like the rest of Tati's filmography.

"Trafic" is Tati's last feature film and marks the last appearance of his iconic character, Mister Hulot. The plot revolves around Hulot trying to drive a recreational vehicle from Paris to a car show in Amsterdam and the adventures he goes on.

I really enjoyed this movie and found it, much like Tati's other films, very watchable. There is no heavy plot, character or story that the viewer is required to follow, and I guess for many people there would be nothing to invest in, but I find his films utterly captivating. The way every scene is orchestrated is nothing short of spectacular and from a filmmaking point of view, his films are amazing achievements in blocking and choreography.